Comfortable, Smooth & Safe Driving.

Your vehicles suspension is there to provide a comfortable, smooth and safe drive on our bumpy roads. Its purpose is to keep in constant contact with the road so that braking, steering and driving systems are at their most effective.

Shock absorbers/struts, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes are all parts of your vehicles suspension which need to be inspected to ensure your suspension is in top condition.

An interesting fact is that faulty suspension can increase your stopping distance which could be the difference between crashing or stopping safely.

If you notice any of the following items on the list it may be time to get your vehicle inspected.

  • Vehicle doesn’t handle properly around corners
  • Vehicle dips forward excessively
  • Tyre showing unusual tread wear
  • Shock absorbers leaking fluid

For total peace of mind bring your vehicle to Belmont Motor repairs and have one of our technicians inspect your vehicle.


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